Meeting Agenda

Update from the WWQA Coordination Team

Report on achievements so far and reflecting on United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) process – incl. interlinkages across workstreams and outlook on the role of water in the new Medium-Term Strategy (2022-2025 UNEP)

Update Presentations from WWQA Workstreams

World Water Quality Assessment Presentation


Friends of Groundwater Presentation

Ecosystem Presentation

4_Ecosystem Worsktream_2nd AGM Meeting Presentation.mp4 

Plastics Presentation

GEMS/Water Presentation

GlobeWQ Presentation

Social Engagement Platform Presentation 

Water Quality-Health Risk Modelling Presentation

5_Water Quality-Health risk modelling Workstream_2nd AGM Meeting Presentation.mp4

Capacity Development Consortium Presentation

7_Capacity Development Consortium_2nd AGM Meeting Presentation.mp4

Africa Use Cases Presentations


Pitch - Presentation of new workstream proposals

Youth Action for World Water Quality

Water Scenarios for Copernicus Exploitation (WaterForCE)

Public-private Collaboration

Towards a Pan-African Water Quality Program (PAWaQ)

Urban emissions of nitrogen and phosphorus to Lake Victoria of Africa

Citizen Data for SDG Indicator 6.3.2

New workstream linked to the “Baseline Assessment” and “Full Assessment”

Water Governance Workstream

Post-pandemic Resilient Society Comparative Word Water Quality

Capacity Development and Pilot Project of Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Global Scenarios Ecosystem Health

AMCOW Presentations

Towards the Africa Water Vision 2025: Formulation of AMCOW’s Water Quality Program; envisaged scope of the anticipated program; defining collaboration opportunities with other partners

Tracking Africa’s Water Sector Development: The Water and Sanitation Sector Monitoring System (WASSMO)

Human Right 2 Water Presentation

Development of Guideline Advice on Resilience to Pandemics and other Emergencies, with a focus on water quality and a human rights-based approach