The World Water Quality Alliance Coordination Team at UNEP and the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) of the World Water Quality Alliance is pleased to announce the second call for applications for seed funding and the initiation of new workstreams. All WWQA partners are invited to submit applications.

Call Details

The work plan of the WWQA consists of various thematic priority topics and related workstreams. In principle, the workplan in its entirety reflects the priorities and emerging issues identified for action by the Alliance in a process of peer exchange and prioritisation. Members of the WWQA community can submit the following:

  1. Application proposal for the creation of a new workstream This second call is applicable to new workstream initiatives seeking to be adopted and that seek to contribute to the current WWQA Work Plan.
  2. Applications for Seed Funding where applicable

This is applicable to both new workstream proposals submitted under "1" (above) and to all other existing workstreams requesting seed funding from UNEP. Seed funding is generally designed to provide initial support for innovative workstreams addressing priority water quality issues and those which will feature co-benefits resulting from collaboration between WWQA and external partners. While proposals shall generally contribute to supporting the agreed Work Plan of the Alliance, new proposals demonstrating an innovative thematic focus to the Alliance will be accepted for consideration and review with regards to approval by the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC). Technical and scientific review and guidance shall be provided by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Templates for application:

  • Proposal template for WWQA workstreams:


  • Seed funding application template:



Global context but can be focused at a regional or nation state level.

Seed Amount

Up to US$ 65,000 per proposal


This call is open to member organisations of the World Water Quality Alliance community.

This call will prioritise applications that focus on the delivery of change regarding a water-quality issue at a global, regional or country level. The proposal should demonstrate its capacity to foster data uptake, the subsequent creation of solutions, the enhancement of resilience and / or the water, energy, food and ecosystems (WEFE) nexus approach.

Selection Criteria: 

The proposals/applications will be reviewed according to how they meet the following criteria:

  1. The capacity to reflect the objectives and principles of the WWQA (See focus area described under eligibility)
  2. The degree of innovation coupled with scientific and technical quality demonstrated
  3. The capacity to collaborate with other WWQA workstreams
  4. The degree of sustainability and cost/benefit together with procedural and implementation details.
  5. The transformative potential and the outlining of a mid to long-term roadmap      

Closing date:

Workstream Proposals and Seed Funding Applications should be submitted to the WWQA Coordination Team ( no later than 12.00 CET (13.00 EAT) on the 6th of October 2022.