The World Water Quality Alliance Coordination Team in UNEP and the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) of the World Water Quality Alliance invite WWQA partners to submit applications for the following:

  1. Proposal for New or Renewal of WWQA Workstreams

This first call1 is applicable to workstreams already existing and seeking renewal in the running WWQA Work Plan, as well as new initiatives (see below). New workstream2 proposals shall be reviewed by the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) for approval. Technical and scientific review and guidance shall be provided by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

2. Applications for Seed Funding where applicable

This is applicable to those workstream proposals submitted under (1) which also apply for seed funding through UNEP. Applications for seed funding shall be reviewed and prioritized by the SAC. Technical and scientific review and guidance shall be provided by the TAC. Seed funding is generally meant to provide initial, inception support for innovative workstreams addressing priority water quality issues and those which will feature co-benefits from collaboration between WWQA and external partners.

While proposals shall generally contribute to support the agreed Work Plan of the Alliance3, new proposals bringing new thematic focus to the Alliance shall be open for review and consideration for inclusion by the SAC. Proponents may also seek additional guidance and/or receive scientific, technical and network advice by the TAC.

The templates for application can be accessed through the following links:

01 - Proposal template for WWQA Workstreams                                         

01 - Proposal template WWQA WorkStreams.docx                                                                                                       

02 - WWQA Seed funding application template       

Please submit your workstream proposals and Seed Funding Applications no later than15 January 2021 to

*1 This is the first WWQA call for workstream proposals. There will be openings for future calls regularly based on demand and priorities; modalities for frequency of such calls and/or intersessional submission have yet to be decided.

*2 In this first call, workstream proposals asked for are applying both, to existing and new workstreams. The WWQA Coordination Team acknowledges that the workstreams agreed upon in Ispra Sep. 2019 are running and therefore are reflected in the current WWQA Work Plan. However, the rational for the WWQA Coordination Team and SAC call also comprising those existing projects (i.e., filling out the workstream proposal template (Doc. 01)) is meant to provide for standardized information allowing the WWQA Coordination Team to display standardized information in outreach media, such as websites etc. and enabling full visibility. Also new proposals will be open for review. (see also footnote 1)

*3 First first year Work Plan was agreed at the launching conference held in Sep 2019 in Ispra, at the JRC. The next one shall be tabled and reviewed by the SAC and TAC during the next global meeting scheduled for 27-28 January 2021.