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The Global Environment Monitoring System for Air (GEMS/Air) aims to strengthen urban air pollution monitoring and assessment capabilities in participating countries to improve the validity and comparability of data to provide global assessments on levels and trends of urban air pollutants, and their effect on human and ecosystem health.

Contact Suyeong Yang to join

GEMS Water (including SDG 6.3.2 or World Water Quality Alliance)

The Global Environment Monitoring System for freshwater (GEMS/Water) provides the world community with sound data on fresh water quality to support scientific assessments and decision-making on the subject.

Contact Kaisa Uusimaa or Kilian Christ to join

Alliance for Sustainable Fashion

The common goal underlying this Alliance is to realise the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, with its related goals and targets, in the fashion industry. The Alliance aims to develop a coherent and coordinated approach by the UN.

Contact Michael Stanley-Jones to join